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Artsmark Award

Artsmark Award

We are thrilled to announce that Forest has been awarded the Artsmark Silver Award, recognising our significant investment and involvement in the Arts across the school.  Accredited by Arts Council England, Artsmark focuses on the following quality principles:

1. striving for excellence and innovation

2. being authentic

3. being exciting, inspiring and engaging

4. ensuring a positive and inclusive experience

5. actively involving children and young people

6. enabling personal progression

7. developing belonging and ownership

Over our Artsmark journey, we created our own targets for development in a 'Statement of Commitment' based on the Quality Principles and then evaluated and reflected on our achievements in a 'Statement of Impact'.  In its report, Artsmark commented,:
"Forest Prep School has invested strongly in developing the Arts. Physical spaces have been made available for the Arts and timetable space has been given to specialist arts teaching. Music, Art, Dance and Drama now all have specialist staffing and the school is sensibly building its provision from EYFS upwards to develop coherent skills progression. Your first journey has seen the Arts emerging strongly within your school community. We look forward greatly to hearing how the Arts go from strength to strength as your journey progresses."

Congratulations to our entire school community on this remarkable achievement.  We know all our Foresters are a creative bunch and this award recognises our enthusiasm, engagement and expertise.

Mrs S Wellings 

Director of Music

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