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Let the Zen Begin: Mindfulness

Let the Zen Begin: Mindfulness

Children at Forest Prep show great enthusiasm for regular Mindfulness sessions. In the ever-changing, busy world we live in finding time for mental and physical calm has a huge impact on children’s well-being. During the sessions, children are taught to breathe effectively; from the diaphragm, sometimes imagining their breath in a different colour, or visualising themselves relaxing. The children then finish with some gentle stretches to calming music allowing them to return to class refreshed, calm and ready to learn.

Mindfulness can have a wealth of benefits for children (and adults) giving us the skills to be better adapted to deal with stress, change and challenge. Research has shown that Mindfulness can help children:

-Feel peaceful and tranquil
-Cope with stress and anxiety
-Increase focus and concentration
-Handle difficult emotions
-Develop creativity and imagination
-Learn to calm themselves down

Why not try some exercises at home and see the positive impact it will have on your life.

Emma Thomson
Pastoral Lead

Awards and Accreditations

Quality Eco-Schools Sainsburys School Games Gold Healthy School Edge Hill University Independent Schools Council Gifted Children

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