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Year 6 Visit Manchester Crown Court

Year 6 Visit Manchester Crown Court

On the morning of 6th March, Year 6 visited Manchester Crown Court. The children stepped into these working courtrooms to learn more about the fascinating world of the English and Welsh Justice system.

The professional environment, coupled with a thought-provoking interactive activity on Cyberbullying, made for a unique and engaging learning experience. The highlight of the trip was taking part in a mock trial, where the children were given the chance to discuss their verdict. The aim of this discussion was for the children to evaluate the evidence presented during the trial. As the children reflected on the guilty or not guilty verdict, they were asked to recap the elements of the charge that have to be proven for the defendant to be found guilty. The children learnt a vital skill in analysing information and debating whether or not there is enough evidence has been provided.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning for all involved!

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