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Young Voices 2017

Young Voices 2017

It was on Thursday 2nd February that the students of Year 5 and 6 exchanged their purple blazers for a very special white T-Shirt, YV 2017 T-Shirt.We boarded the bus and were driven to the Manchester Arena, more and more excitement filled the bus with every mile travelled.At the vast Arena, we donated our cans of food to the Nordoff Robbins charity. We were then shown to our section behind the stage, we watched as the Arena filled with other excited children from other schools. Soon the conductor came out and we began the rehearsals. Mr Booth, Ms Forster, Mrs Wellings and Miss Bardsley joined in, and I must say they were even crazier than us.The dancers showed us the different  moves for some of the songs, we followed along, but then sometimes we just did our thing. 

We watched as the beat-boxers practiced their sound, they were amazing.The dancers did some fantastic and difficult routines.  An Irish rock singer sang and played his guitar very well and two ladies also sang, their voices were beautiful. When rehearsals were finished we were all tired out, we chatted and shared our snacks and sweets.As seven o’clock came closer and closer, the 8427 children in the Arena become more and more excited as we watched the parents and family arrive.

We all shared a pair of binoculars to try and see our parents. When we saw them we jumped up and waved our arms excitedly. The show began, we all sang our hearts out, we danced till our feet hurt, we swayed to the music with our arms around each other, we clapped loudly and shone our little white torches when it was dark.

Our favourite song had to “Charlie is my darling” as we all stood and pointed and sang to our very own Charlie L from Year 6.The two hours flew by so quickly, we couldn’t believe it was over but unfortunately the night had to end. As our parents picked us up outside the Arena, we were full of stories and tales to tell. Thank you Forest for allowing us to be part of such a fantastic event.

Lara B Music Captain

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