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Celebrating Challenge

Celebrating Challenge

It is hard to believe that another term has come to an end and we are preparing to enter into the final term of the year. Saying that, the achievements of all our pupils have continued to impress throughout these past months: both in the classroom and in the wider areas of the school.

In terms of my Year 5 class, these next few months are celebratory ones. The children are ready to tackle more ch allenging material in preparing for future schools. We follow the ethos of “Work Hard…Play Hard”, a motto for which I aim to encourage all children to adopt and to understand. As told to the children, you try your hardest, put in your best efforts and also make sure you have time to let off steam, try new hobbies and most importantly, celebrate progression and success!

When we return from the Easter break, the children in Year 5 will continue to work on 11+ material. The children are offered the opportunity to come into school early; stay late for extra sessions with myself and Mrs Knowles and attend holiday classes with myself and Mr Hyde. These classes build confidence, develop understanding and relate to individual targets which are shared with children and parents at regular intervals. During this time, the children also learn to manage their mental well-being - enjoying mindfulness sessions, continuing to encourage their Reading Friends in Year 1 and more often than not, relishing in a game of cricket on a sunny afternoon. The annual Team Booth vs. Team Hyde match is always a tense one!

The staff team remains passionate in encouraging children to feel confident in challenging themselves, offering support and guidance to the children and encouraging pupils to work as a team in taking on higher order material or problem-solving scenarios at a greater depth. Last week, I visited the Year 1 classroom and found myself in the middle of a mathematics lesson based on telling the time. For the record, this is a ‘challenge’ for any teacher! However, while I was there, I had constant excitement from our six-year-olds saying, “Give me another challenge, Mr Booth?” They were engaged, excited and eager to perform, all within their own parameters of progress and success. Thirty-five minutes later, and after copious amounts of ‘time’ problems, I was saved by the bell!

Referring back to my favourite motto of ‘Work Hard...Play Hard’, through the care and passion of our teachers, our Foresters have completed another busy and successful term. So, on that note, one can only insist that they enjoy a well-earned holiday and feel proud of their achievements.

On behalf of Mr Hyde and all the staff, I wish you an enjoyable Easter break.

Graeme Booth
Deputy Head Teacher and Year 5 Teacher

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