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Celebrating our Global Community

Celebrating our Global Community

To honour our diverse pupil population, we embraced Culture Week and explored cultures from around the globe. The children (and staff) relished learning about different cultures, dressing in their clothing and sampling their cuisines. What a fun week it was!

Culture Week started in China. Year 3 pupils learnt all about Chinese New Year with ZZ and his mum. All children in the school took part in Chinese workshops led by MM Education, they walked with the famous ‘Chinese Dragon’ and dressed in Chinese attire.

As we stepped into Day 2, the school took on the vibrant traditions of India. Mrs Tiwary, Mrs Jain, and Mrs Udas brought Hindu culture to life, teaching our students about respect, traditions, and the significance of the bindi. The day was capped off with an exquisite Indian feast, lovingly prepared by Miss Shamin .

Upper School children learnt about Indian culture through the guidance of Mrs Johal and KS from Year 5. The day was filled with joy, from Bhangra dancing to playing the Dhol drum, ending with a taste of homemade Indian snacks by Mrs Johal.

Our youngest learners were not left behind, as Early Years classes explored various European cultures through engaging activities. From Mardi Gras in France to castanet dancing in Spain, and finishing with gelato tasting in Italy, it was a perfect blend of education and fun.

Culture Week was a remarkable journey across continents, bringing the world into our classrooms. Thank you to all the parents who made this enlightening experience possible.

See Culture Week in pictures!

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