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Celebrating Diversity

Celebrating Diversity

At Forest, we are proud to have Foresters from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. As part of our Relationships and PSHE topics, identifying and learning about our differences is discussed throughout the school; after all, no one is the same and this is definitely something to be celebrated! Teaching children to treat others with kindness is important to their social and emotional learning and will help them develop good character traits, which will serve them well as they mature into young adults.

We welcome and encourage children and parents to educate not only the children, but the teachers too, with any celebrations or important calendar events unique to their culture/ religion. 

Last half term, we learnt all about the traditions associated with Chinese New Year, which the children thoroughly enjoyed and embraced. This half term, we were delighted that some of our parents and children shared traditions of Persian New Year with us. Nowruz, or "new day" in Persian, is an ancient festival that marks the beginning of spring and celebrates the rebirth of nature. Our Nursery children were jumping over candles for the ‘Festival of the Fire’, celebrated on the last Tuesday before the new year. Additionally, we were sent photographs of the delicious new year feasts our families enjoyed over the new year weekend and HF (Year 2) gave a brilliant speech all about Nowruz to her classmates.

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