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Overcoming Barriers: Learning Support

Overcoming Barriers: Learning Support

As a school, we are motivated to enable every child to fulfil their potential during their Forest journey, however short or long. As such, the Learning Support Classroom was founded in 2013 to provide support and intervention for children who have been identified by the class teacher as having a barrier to learning. 

As a qualified Dyslexia Practitioner, Mrs Mulholland works closely with the Class Teacher to informally assess the children, identifying their strengths as well as their specific learning needs and an Individual Education Plan is then drawn up. The children receive a high quality,  one-to-one, or small group, personalised, structured, cumulative and multi-sensory intervention, where their progress is carefully monitored. The children are taught in their preferred learning style. 

Praise, encouragement and positive feedback is given to boost confidence and self esteem. 

The Learning Support classroom is welcoming, bright and cheerful with stimulating displays in a quiet space where pupils feel relaxed and comfortable, which helps to optimise learning. 

Some children need help for a short period of time whilst others may need a lot of support all the way through school. 

Parental support is encouraged and communication with parents is an integral part of Learning Support and Mrs Mulholland welcomes queries from any parent who may wish to discuss any aspect of the work done with their child. 

Since our intervention programme began, we have had huge success in helping children overcome their learning barriers, resulting in a reduction in anxiety, increase progress and most importantly, happier Foresters.

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