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Revitalising the Forest House Point System

Revitalising the Forest House Point System

In a lively and colourful event on the 10th October, we officially launched our revamped House Point System, placing it once more back at the centre of school life. On this special day, students wore their own clothes in the vibrant colours of their respective Houses, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Traditionally, House points have been an integral part of the school's culture. The school has now taken this much-loved tradition to a new level by introducing physical tokens as a tangible representation of house points. This change aims to further enhance the school's pastoral values and promote a sense of community.

Under the new system, any member of the school staff can award House Points to students based on various achievements, behaviours, and contributions. These points are then represented by tokens, which students place in transparent counting jars displayed prominently within the school. This allows the children to see how well their House is doing.

At the end of each term, the tokens will be counted, and the House with the most points will be rewarded with a small prize or treat, fostering a spirit of healthy competition. At the end of the year, the winning House will be announced at our annual Speech Night.  

The Forest Prep House System has a rich history, dating back almost a century. All students, from Reception to Year 6, are assigned to one of the school's four houses: Kersal (Red), Mimwood (Blue), Jordan (Yellow), and Chorlton (Green). Each house is led by two Year 6 children who are known as House Captains.

Children in Year 4 expressed their excitement about the revamped House Point system. TH said, “I love receiving the tokens, they make me feel good and that my kindness has been noticed.” BB added, “It is great to look at  the counter jars, so I know how well my House is doing.”   

As the school year progresses, students are eagerly looking forward to earning House Points and taking part in the friendly competition between Kersal, Mimwood, Jordan, and Chorlton. 

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