At this stage the children consolidate and expand their endless thirst for knowledge and take large strides forward socially and academically.

PSHE is a vital part of this development and weekly lessons take place here, as in Key Stage 2. Children continue to develop their reading and communication skills and are encouraged to take responsibilities within the class. 

Year 1 children add swimming to their weekly timetables, continue French lessons and enjoy choosing their own book from the school library. They also enjoy the ‘hands on’ experience of visiting the Victorian school room at Macclesfield Heritage Museum.

As the children move on to Year 2, a greater formality is introduced and children sit down at their own desk for the first time. Lessons become more formal and homework is increased to 30 minutes per day.

One of the highlights of Year 2 is the Christmas Production, where the children take the lead roles in the Nativity.

In preparation for moving on to Key Stage 2, the Year 2 children join in many activities with Years 3-6. They share assemblies and House Meetings, theatre trips and Sports Day.


Our extensive curriculum includes:


By Year 1 the children explore their attitudes towards technology, its value for themselves, others and society, and their awareness of its advantages and limitations.

In Year 2 the children continue to develop their skills in using hardware and software, so as to manipulate and present information.

Parents can keep up to date with the latest ICT news by following our dedicated ICT Twitter feed. Click here to request access. Parents are also encouraged to view our Parent Resource Blog which includes valuable information in relation to ICT.


Children at Forest begin learning and enjoying French in the Nursery class. Through rhyme, game songs and stories, they absorb both the sounds and intonation of the French language in a similar way to a native French child's learning.   Frequent repetition enables them to feel comfortable and ensures that their introduction to the language is both positive and pleasurable. As pupils move through the lower school, they build up a repertoire of words and phrases and experience the possibility of communicating with others in a language different to their own. They are also introduced to aspects of French culture.


Music plays a very important part in the curriculum at Forest. All children, from Nursery to Year 6, enjoy Music lessons each week with Ms Wellings, the school's specialist music teacher.

In Key Stage 1, the focus is on establishing a strong understanding of the basic musical elements through singing and playing instruments, games and other fun activities.  By the end of Key Stage 1, pupils will know the basic note values from semibreve to semiquaver, the treble clef notes from middle C to the G, and simple definitions/Italian words describing tempo, timbre, texture and dynamics.

Singing is one aspect of Music that all Forest students especially enjoy. Songs are an integral part of all music lessons and are used to entertain, educate and encourage the children.  Pupils sing regularly in class, at assemblies and during weekly singing practice in the Hall. 

Parents can keep up to date with the latest Music news by following our dedicated Music Twitter feed. Click here to follow.


Swimming starts in Year 1 and continues every week until the children leave school at the end of Year 6.

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