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What Makes a Forester?

What Makes a Forester?
We have something unique at Forest Preparatory, something that sets us apart from other schools. I often reflect on what this certain ‘magic’ is and I have ascertained that it is down to the children we have at Forest Prep. Staff  regularly praise children with the compliment of ‘you are a true Forester’ but what are the values and characteristics of our exceptional ‘Foresters’?
Our school aims and ethos embed an intangible set of characteristics which make our children ‘Foresters.’ These shared values encourage our children to develop not only to their academic potential, but equally important their strength of character, inside and outside the classroom. Small daily acts such as holding doors open for adults, a cheery greeting from the register monitors, children helping one another and inviting children to join in games at playtime are all praised and highly valued.
To help in my reflection of what makes a true Forester I enlisted the help of two influential ladies in our school community-Mrs Eley and Miss Evie Morris, our Head-girl. Both were (independently) asked the question: ‘What is a Forester?’ Mrs Eley identified that Foresters are ‘thoughtful, happy, kind and intuitive.’ Evie replied, with a smile and without hesitation, that Foresters are ‘friendly, kind, thoughtful and will always help others.’ It is these intrinsic values, embedded through our teaching and school ethos which make Forest Preparatory a very special place.
Emma Thomson, Pastoral Leader

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